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Symmetrization in a Phosphinidene-Bridged Complex To Give a Diphosphanediyl Derivative with Metal-Centered Reactivity

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posted on 02.01.2012, 00:00 by M. Angeles Alvarez, M. Esther García, Daniel García-Vivó, Alberto Ramos, Miguel A. Ruiz, Jaime Suárez
The phosphinidene complex [Mo2Cp­(μ-κ115-PC5H4)­(CO)26-HMes*)] reacts with CO to give the diphosphanediyl derivative [Mo2{μ-κ1515-(C5H4)­PP­(C5H4)}­(η6-HMes*)2]. The latter compound features unreactive lone electron pairs at phosphorus, which instead contribute to the electronic communication between metal centers via a weak π­(PP)-bonding interaction. As a result, this complex displays metal-centered acid–base and redox behavior.