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Switchable Ionic Rectifiers Based on Ferroelectric Nanopores

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posted on 2020-01-28, 18:34 authored by Yuchun Zhang, Bin Tu, Jiahui Guo, Tao Xiao, Xing Zhao, Liu Yang, Qiaojun Fang, Yong Yan
A switchable ionic rectifier composed of an array of ferroelectric polymer nanopore structures was demonstrated. The ferroelectric polarization established an asymmetric potential and ionic charge distribution, which couples to the movement of ionic charges through nanopores and leads to unidirectional current flow or rectification. This rectifier is stable, with rectification characteristics maintained for at least tens of hours, does not require chemical functionalization of nanopores, and, importantly, can reversibly switch the current-rectifying direction by electrical tuning of the ferroelectric polarization states. Finally, reconfigurable nanofluidic logic circuits, specifically, a few types of basic “AND” and “OR” gates, are assembled.