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Surface Modification of C3N4 through Oxygen-Plasma Treatment: A Simple Way toward Excellent Hydrophilicity

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posted on 21.10.2016, 00:00 by Xiuming Bu, Jipeng Li, Siwei Yang, Jing Sun, Yuan Deng, Yucheng Yang, Gang Wang, Zheng Peng, Peng He, Xianying Wang, Guqiao Ding, Junhe Yang, Xiaoming Xie
We developed a universal method to prepare hydrophilic carbon nitrogen (C3N4) nanosheets. By treating C3N4 nanosheets with oxygen plasma, hydroxylamine groups (N–OH) with intense protonation could be introduced on the surface; moreover, the content of N–OH groups increased linearly with the oxygen-plasma treatment time. Thanks to the excellent hydrophilicity, uniformly dispersed C3N4 solution were prepared, which was further translated into C3N4 paper by simple vacuum filtration. Pure C3N4 paper with good stability, excellent hydrophilicity, and biocompatibility were proved to have excellent performance in tissue repair. Further research demonstrated that the oxygen-plasma treatment method can also introduce N–OH groups into other nitrogen-containing carbon materials (NCMs) such as N-doped graphene, N-doped carbon nanotube, and C2N, which offers a new perspective on the surface modification and functionalization of these carbon nanomaterials.