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Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Carbon Nanotubes Decorated by Individual Fluorescent Gold Particles

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posted on 17.01.2008, 00:00 by Matteo Scolari, Alf Mews, Nan Fu, Anton Myalitsin, Tilman Assmus, Kannan Balasubramanian, Marko Burghard, K. Kern
Confocal optical microscopy was employed to study the effect of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on individual single-walled carbon nanotubes covered with isolated gold particles. The gold particles with diameters between 10 and 120 nm were deposited in low densities on the tubes' sidewalls by an electrochemical method. In the spectra, Raman peaks associated with the nanotubes were found to be superimposed on a broad luminescence background originating from the metal particles. With increasing particle size, both the luminescence intensity as well as the Raman enhancement increased at longer wavelengths. This finding is consistent with a size-dependent broadening of the gold plasmon frequency and a corresponding extension of the energetic range for local field enhancement on the particle surface. In addition, wavelength-dependent experiments revealed a maximum Raman intensity when both nanotube and metal particle were in optical resonance.