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Support-Free Porous Polyamine Particles for CO2 Capture

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posted on 21.08.2012, 00:00 by Hong-Bo Wang, Philip G. Jessop, Guojun Liu
CO2 emission from fossil fuel combustion is a major anthropogenic factor for global warming. Solid amine sorbents may be used to remove CO2 from waste flue gases before their emission into the atmosphere. These particles are currently obtained by loading amine-containing compounds or polymers onto premade or commercially available porous supports. These supports play no active role in CO2 uptake and increase the amount of heat or cost required to regenerate CO2-sorbed particles by heating. Reported in this communication are the preparation, by precipitation polymerization, of support-free polyamine porous particles and the performance of these particles in CO2 capture at room temperature and release at 100 °C.