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Support-Enhanced Selective Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation over Pd/Mesoporous Silicas

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posted on 03.06.2011, 00:00 by Christopher M. A. Parlett, Duncan W. Bruce, Nicole S. Hondow, Adam F. Lee, Karen Wilson
The influence of silica mesostructure upon the Pd-catalyzed selective oxidation of allylic alcohols has been investigated for amorphous and surfactant-templated SBA-15, SBA-16, and KIT-6 silicas. Significant rate enhancements can be achieved via mesopore introduction, most notably through the use of interconnected porous silica frameworks, reflecting both improved mass transport and increased palladium dispersion; catalytic activity decreases in the order Pd/KIT-6 ≈ Pd/SBA-16 > Pd/SBA-15 > Pd/SiO2. Evidence is presented that highly dispersed palladium oxide nanoparticles, not zerovalent palladium, are the catalytically active species.