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Superhydrophobic Cu Mesh Combined with a Superoleophilic Polyurethane Sponge for Oil Spill Adsorption and Collection

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posted on 2014-04-30, 00:00 authored by Fajun Wang, Sheng Lei, Changquan Li, Junfei Ou, Mingshan Xue, Wen Li
We present a miniature collector for the adsorption and collection of oil spill. The collector composed of a superhydrophobic copper mesh miniature box embedded with a superoelophilic polyurethane sponge. The superhydrophobic Cu mesh was fabricated by a simple immersing method, and the PU sponge is a commercial available material with superoleophilicity in itself. The miniature collector can adsorb different oils on water surface in the pores of the superhydrophilic PU sponge while repelled water due to the superhydrophobicity of the mesh. In addition, the adsorbed oils could be easily separated from the sponge by squeezing and then be collected for reuse. After the separation of adsorbed oil, the sponge could be used repeatedly with high separation efficiency. Furthermore, the as-prepared Cu mesh possesses stability in various solvents and corrosion resistance in NaCl aqueous solution. The findings might provide a simple method for oils spill cleanup.