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Superb Alkali-Resistant DyIII2NiII4 Single-Molecule Magnet

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posted on 2021-09-17, 03:43 authored by Panpan Yang, Huancheng Hu, Shui Yu, Dongcheng Liu, Yuning Liang, Huahong Zou, Fupei Liang, Zilu Chen
A superb alkali-resistant single-molecule-magnet (SMM) material with the molecular formula [Dy2Ni4(L)8(CH3COO)4(NO3)2] (1) (HL = 8-hydroxyquinoline) has been structurally and magnetically characterized. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction revealed that 1 possesses a hexanuclear [DyIII2NiII4] cluster, which is built by two triangular [DyIIINiII2] cores double-bridged through two CH3COO ions. Interestingly, 1 can keep its original structure in dilute acid and common basic solutions (e.g., triethylamine and NaOH). More importantly, 1 is still stable after treatment with a 20 M NaOH aqueous solution for 1 month at room temperature. Magnetic measurements uncovered that 1 is an SMM under zero applied field with Ueff = 7.43 K. To the best of our knowledge, 1 is the first example of a 3d–4f SMM with such extreme alkali resistance. This work will broaden the vision of preparing SMM materials with excellent chemical stability.