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Sunscreen Performance of Lignin from Different Technical Resources and Their General Synergistic Effect with Synthetic Sunscreens

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posted on 24.05.2016, 00:00 authored by Yong Qian, Xueqing Qiu, Shiping Zhu
Five types of industrial lignin are blended with a pure cream and a commercial sunscreen lotion. Lignin is found to significantly boost their sunscreen performance. Photostability of the lignin-modified lotions is analyzed. The results show that hydrophobic lignin has better sunscreen performance than hydrophilic counterpart. Sun protection factor (SPF) of the pure cream containing 10% organosolv lignin (OL) reaches 8.66. Small amount of hydrophobic lignin dramatically increases SPF value of the sunscreen lotions. Adding 1% lignin almost doubles the sun lotion’s SPF. Addition of 10% OL to the lotion boosts its SPF from 15 to 91.61. However, it is also found that hydrophilic lignin tends to demulsify the lotions due to an electrostatic disequilibrium. After 2 h of UV radiation, UV absorbance of all the five lignin-modified sunscreen lotions increases up to the limit of measuring instrument. All the lignin types studied in this work are found to have a general synergistic effect with sunscreen actives in the commercial lotion. An effort is also made to elucidate radical mechanisms of the synergy.