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Sulfonic Acid-Containing Flavonoids from the Roots of Phyllanthus acidus

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posted on 12.09.2018, 13:23 by Thuc-Huy Duong, Mehdi A. Beniddir, Van-Kieu Nguyen, Thammarat Aree, Jean-François Gallard, Dinh-Hung Mac, Huu-Hung Nguyen, Xuan-Hao Bui, Joël Boustie, Kim-Phi-Phung Nguyen, Warinthorn Chavasiri, Pierre Le Pogam
Six new sulfonic acid-containing flavonoids, acidoflavanone (1), acidoauronol (2), 5-O-methylacidoauronol (3), acidoaurone (4), acidoisoflavone (5), and acidoflavonol (6), were isolated from the EtOH extract of the roots of Phyllanthus acidus. Their structures were unambiguously established by interpretation of their HRESIMS and 1D and 2D NMR data, single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, and comparison to the literature data. These new structures represent the first examples of sulfonic acid-containing flavanones, auronols, aurones, and isoflavones.