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Sulfonato-β-Cyclodextrin Mediated Supramolecular Nanoparticle for Controlled Release of Berberine

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posted on 2018-07-16, 00:00 authored by Xu-Man Chen, Yong Chen, Xiao-Fang Hou, Xuan Wu, Bo-Han Gu, Yu Liu
A kind of supramolecular assemblies was constructed from two water-soluble and biocompatible saccharides, sulfonato-β-cyclodextrin (SCD) and chitosan, and characterized by dynamic light scattering (DLS), UV–vis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results showed that such nanoparticles presented good stability and controlled loading/release property, which enabled them as good drug carrier for berberine chloride (BE), a representative drug from traditional Chinese herbs. That is, the nanoparticles can load BE with high stability in a low-pH environment like that of the stomach but released BE when moved to a high-pH environment like that of the intestine.