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Substitution on the A-Ring Confers to Bryopyran Analogues the Unique Biological Activity Characteristic of Bryostatins and Distinct From That of the Phorbol Esters

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posted on 05.02.2009, 00:00 by Gary E. Keck, Yam B. Poudel, Dennie S. Welch, Matthew B. Kraft, Anh P. Truong, Jeffrey C. Stephens, Noemi Kedei, Nancy E. Lewin, Peter M. Blumberg
A close structural analogue of bryostatin 1, which differs from bryostatin 1 only by the absence of the C30 carbomethoxy group (on the C13 enoate of the B-ring), has been prepared by total synthesis. Biological assays reveal a crucial role for substitution in the bryostatin 1 A-ring in conferring those responses which are characteristic of bryostatin 1 and distinct from those observed with PMA.