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Subcritical Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae Residues as a Green Route to Alternative Road Binders

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posted on 2015-04-06, 00:00 authored by Mariane Audo, Maria Paraschiv, Clémence Queffélec, Isabelle Louvet, Julie Hémez, Franck Fayon, Olivier Lépine, Jack Legrand, Mohand Tazerout, Emmanuel Chailleux, Bruno Bujoli
The valorization of Scenedesmus sp. microalgae byproducts was investigated, as a potential route for the production of road binders from renewable sources. Under hydrothermal liquefaction conditions, a water-insoluble viscous material was obtained in a ca. 55% yield, which consists of an oily fatty acid-based fraction mixed with organic and inorganic solid residues (up to 22%). Although the chemical composition of the obtained materials completely differs from that of petroleum-based bitumen, similar viscoelastic properties were observed in some cases, depending on the hydrothermal liquefaction experimental conditions. A rheological simple material could thus be obtained, which compared well with a bitumen reference.