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Study of the Inhibitory Effect of Water-Soluble Fullerenes on Plant Growth at the Cellular Level

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posted on 26.10.2010, 00:00 by Qiaoling Liu, Yuanyuan Zhao, Yinglang Wan, Junpeng Zheng, Xuejie Zhang, Chunru Wang, Xiaohong Fang, Jinxing Lin
The effect of water-soluble fullerene C70(C(COOH)2)4−8 on plant growth was investigated, using the transgenic seedling lines expressing fluorescent makers. The retarded roots with shortened length and loss of root gravitropism were observed for seedlings grown in the fullerene-containing medium. Fluorescence imaging revealed the abnormalities of root tips in hormone distribution, cell division, microtubule organization, and mitochondrial activity. The study of the inhibitory effects at the cellular level provides new information on the phytotoxicity mechanism of fullerene.