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Structures, Electronic, and Spectral Properties of Doped Boron Clusters MB120/– (M = Li, Na, and K)

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posted on 06.08.2020, 22:21 by Shi-Xiong Li, Zheng-Ping Zhang, Zheng-Wen Long, De-Liang Chen
Structures and electronic properties of alkali metal atom-doped boron clusters MB120/– (M = Li, Na, K) are determined using the CALYPSO method for the global minimum search followed by density functional theory. It is found that the global minima obtained for the neutral clusters correspond to the half-sandwich structure and those of the monoanionic clusters correspond to the boat-shaped structure. The neutral MB12 (M = Li, Na, K) can be considered as a member of the half-sandwich doped B12 clusters, and the geometrical pattern of anion MB12 (M = Li, Na, K) is a new structure that is different from other doped B12 clusters. Natural population and chemical bonding analyses reveal that the alkali metal atom-doped boron clusters MB12 are characterized as charge transfer complexes, M+B122–, resulting in symmetrically distributed chemical bonds and electrostatic interactions between cationic M+ and boron atoms. The calculated spectra indicate that MB120/– (M = Li, Na, K) has meaningful spectral features that can be compared with future experimental data. Our work enriches the varieties of geometrical structures of doped boron clusters and can provide much insight into boron nanomaterials.