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Structure and Mechanism Revision of a Catalyzed Cyclization of Benzaldehyde Bearing Alkyne-Nitrile

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posted on 2017-09-06, 15:44 authored by Peter Šafář, Štefan Marchalín, Michal Šoral, Ján Moncol, Adam Daïch
Pt­(II)-catalyzed carbocyclization of benzaldehyde containing a keto-nitrile functionality resulted in the formation, respectively, of isochromenes and spiro-lactones instead of fused lactams and spiro-lactams as was previously reported. The reaction mechanism was proposed, and the products were identified by multidimensional NMR, IR, and X-ray analysis. The structure of these new products was also confirmed by their synthesis in an unambiguous manner using practical and short approaches.