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Structure and Function of Stony Coral Intraskeletal Polysaccharides

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posted on 09.03.2018, 12:34 by Annamaria Naggi, Giangiacomo Torri, Marcello Iacomini, Gabriele Colombo Castelli, Michela Reggi, Simona Fermani, Zvy Dubinsky, Stefano Goffredo, Giuseppe Falini
Polysaccharides represent a main weight fraction of the intraskeletal organic matrix of corals, but their structure, as well as their function in the calcification process, has been poorly investigated. This communication shows by a combination of techniques (nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier transform infrared, and monosaccharide composition) that their key component is a 1→3 β-d glucuronic acid polymer and evidences its influence in vitro in the calcification process.