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Structure and Absolute Configuration of Fumiquinazoline L, an Alkaloid from a Gorgonian-Derived Scopulariopsis sp. Fungus

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posted on 2013-04-26, 00:00 authored by Chang-Lun Shao, Ru-Fang Xu, Mei-Yan Wei, Zhi-Gang She, Chang-Yun Wang
Fumiquinazoline L (1), an alkaloid with a heptacyclic skeleton formed via a bridging hemiaminal linkage, was isolated from a gorgonian-derived Scopulariopsis sp. fungus. The structure and absolute configuration of the new compound were identified by comprehensive spectroscopic data and X-ray diffraction analysis. During acid hydrolysis of 1, the isomerization of the valine residue was observed and also studied in different conditions. Fumiquinazoline L (1) showed no cytotoxic or antibacterial activities.