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Structural and Theoretical Investigations, Hirshfeld Surface Analyses, and Cytotoxicity of a Naphthalene-Based Chiral Compound

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posted on 2020-10-12, 22:09 authored by Saud I. Al-Resayes, Mohammad Azam, Agata Trzesowska-Kruszynska, Rafal Kruszynski, Saied M. Soliman, Ranjan K. Mohapatra, Zahid Khan
A novel Schiff base compound derived from the condensation of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde with (1S,2S)-(−)-1,2-diphenylethylenediamine in 2:1 M ratio was reported and investigated by elemental analyses, Fourier transform infrared and NMR spectroscopic studies, and single-crystal X-ray crystallography. Hirshfeld surface analyses were also carried out to measure the various intermolecular contacts controlling the supramolecular topology, suggesting the H···O (7.6%) contacts to be the most significant interactions, whereas the H···H (48.9%) and C···H (40.2%) interactions are less-significant. The data obtained from the energy calculations revealed the structure observed experimentally to be the most stable isomer and its energy being lower by 18.0441 kcal/mol than the less stable one. Density functional theory calculations were also carried out to analyze the natural charges, reactivity descriptors, and different intramolecular charge transfer interactions. The in vitro anticancer activity of the compound was evaluated by MTT assays against human colorectal cancer cells, HT-29 and SW620. The results showed that the compound has potential anticancer activity against these cells lines.