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Structural Versatility in Praseodymium Complexes of p-Sulfonatocalix[4]arene

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posted on 05.09.2007, 00:00 by Scott J. Dalgarno, Jerry L. Atwood, Colin L. Raston
Addition of excess praseodymium(III) nitrate or perchlorate to aqueous solutions of sodium p-sulfonatocalix[4]arene (Na5SO3[4]) results in the formation of a 3-D coordination polymer and a 4:3 Pr/SO3[4] complex, respectively. Concentration of the solution containing crystals of the latter resulted in the dissolution and regrowth of crystals that were subsequently found to be a bilayer arrangement of SO3[4] containing perchlorate anions, therefore suggesting that concentration effects may be an important route to new supramolecular architectures based on the versatile host.