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Structural Evolution of Cu2O‑Derived Hybrids Comprised of Copper Cores, a Silica Interlayer, and Carbon as the Outlayer

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posted on 15.06.2020, 04:44 by Jiamin Hu, Min Zhang, Libin Liu, Jing Zheng, Hamed Alsulami, Marwan Amin Kutbi, Jingli Xu
Constructing yolk–shell-structured non-noble-metal composites is very important for improving their activity and stability in catalytic performance. Herein, we report a facile strategy for the synthesis of ternary Cu@SiO2@C yolk–shell composites by converting the resorcinol–formaldehyde (RF) resin-coated Cu2O@SiO2 with a core–shell structure via a thermal treatment under a N2 atmosphere. Notably, the annealing temperature and silica interlayer play vital roles in modulating their structures and catalytic performance. Moreover, this strategy may pave a new way to constructing non-noble-metal-based composites with yolk–shell structures.