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Structural Elucidation and Supercapacitive Performance on a Mn(II)-Based MOF

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posted on 19.08.2020, 16:03 authored by Chao Feng, Chang-Peng Lv, Hong Zhao, Zong-Qun Li, Wei-Nan Xie, Li−Na Sun, Yucheng Wang
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have attracted more attention in the field of supercapacitors for their potential high performance. Herein, one new Mn-based MOF, [Mn­(Hpzca)2]n (1), has been obtained via one-step hydrothermal method with the ligand (H2pzca = 1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid). After characterization, the Mn-MOF exhibits a 3D structure bridged through the carboxylic group, which has a {318·438·510} topological structure. The supercapacitive performance has been tested in the three-electrode system; the results showed a high specific capacitance and a good cycling stability. Its maximum specific capacitance was 443 F g–1 at 1 Ag1–, along with a high capacitance of 86% retained after 1000 cycles at a current density of 5 A g–1 in the 6 M KOH solution.