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Structural Analysis of Electrolyte Solutions Comprising Magnesium−Aluminate Chloro−Organic Complexes by Raman Spectroscopy

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posted on 02.04.2020, 23:32 by Yulia Vestfried, Orit Chusid, Yossi Goffer, Pinchas Aped, Doron Aurbach
We report herein on a rigorous analysis of unique electrolyte solutions for novel rechargeable magnesium batteries and nonaqueous magnesium electrochemistry, which contain organometallic complex electrolyte species, by Raman spectroscopy. These solutions comprise ethereal solvents and products of reactions between R2Mg Lewis base species and AlCl2R Lewis acid species that exist in solution in dynamic multiple equilibria. The reactions involve the exchange of ligands between the magnesium and the aluminum to form ions such as MgCl+, Mg2Cl3+, and AlCl4-nR-n (n ≤ 4), stabilized by the ether molecules. The Raman peak assignments were based on a rigorous study of solutions containing reference compounds and some quantum-mechanical calculations. Raman spectroscopy enabled a quantitative analysis of the various species in solution.