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Strong Infrared NLO Tellurides with Multifunction: CsXII4In5Te12 (XII = Mn, Zn, Cd)

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posted on 12.04.2016, 14:20 by Hua Lin, Yi Liu, Liu-Jiang Zhou, Hua-Jun Zhao, Ling Chen
Chalcogenides are the most promising mid- and far-infrared materials for nonlinear optical (NLO) applications. Yet, most of them are sulfides and selenides, and tellurides are still rare. Herein, we report three new KCd4Ga5S12-structure type NLO-active tellurides, CsXII4In5Te12 (XII = Mn, Zn, Cd), synthesized by solid-state reactions. The structure features a 3D diamond-like framework constructed by vertex-sharing asymmetric MTe4 tetrahedra that are stacked along the c-axis. CsCd4In5Te12 exhibits the strongest powder second-harmonic generation (SHG) intensity at 2050 nm (0.61 eV) among tellurides to date, 9 × benchmark AgGaS2 in the range of 46–74 μm particle size. The primary studies reveal the 1.42 eV direct band gap and high absorption coefficient in the visible spectral region for CsCd4In5Te12, suggesting it is a new potential solar cell absorber material. In addition, CsMn4In5Te12 also displays a spin-canted antiferromagnetic property below 50 K.