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Strong Electronic Couplings between Ferrocenyl Centers Mediated by Bis-Ethynyl/Butadiynyl Diruthenium Bridges

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posted on 2005-09-28, 00:00 authored by Guo-Lin Xu, Robert J. Crutchley, Maria C. DeRosa, Qing-Jiang Pan, Hong-Xing Zhang, Xiaoping Wang, Tong Ren
A series of trans-(FcC2n)Ru2(Y-DMBA)4(C2mFc) with n, m = 1 and 2 and Y-DMBA as N,N‘-dimethylbenzamidinate or N,N‘-dimethyl-(3-methoxy)benzamidinate have been synthesized and characterized. The intramolecular Fc···Fc distances, established through single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies, range from 11.6 to 16.6 Å. Results from both voltammetric and spectroelectrochemical studies indicate that the (−C2n)Ru2(Y-DMBA)4(C2m−) fragments are among the most efficient mediators of intramolecular hole transfer. Density-functional calculations offer both the insight on the ground-state electronic properties and unambiguous assignment for the observed electronic absorptions.