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Strong Circularly Polarized Luminescence at 1550 nm from Enantiopure Molecular Erbium Complexes

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posted on 2022-04-04, 13:36 authored by Nishya F. M. Mukthar, Nathan D. Schley, Gaël Ung
Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) in two subregions of the near-infrared (NIR) has been achieved. By leveraging the rigidity and diminishing detrimental vibrations of the heterobimetallic binolate complexes of erbium [(Binol)3ErNa3], species exhibiting an exceptionally high dissymmetry factor (|glum |) of 0.47 at 1550 nm were obtained. These erbium complexes are the first reported examples of CPL observed beyond 1200 nm. Analogous complexes of ytterbium and neodymium also exhibited strong CPL (|glum| = 0.17, 0.05, respectively) in a higher energy NIR window (800–1200 nm). All complexes exhibit high quantum yields (Er: 0.58%, Yb: 17%, Nd: 9.3%) and high BCPL values (Er: 57 M–1 cm–1, Yb: 379 M–1 cm–1, Nd: 29 M–1 cm–1). Because of their strong CPL emission in the telecom band (1550 nm), biologically relevant NIR emission window (800–1100 nm), and synthetic versatility, the complexes reported here could permit further promising developments in quantum communication technologies and biologically relevant sensors.