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Stretchable Polymer Gate Dielectric by Ultraviolet-Assisted Hafnium Oxide Doping at Low Temperature for High-Performance Indium Gallium Tin Oxide Transistors

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posted on 24.05.2019, 00:00 by Jae Seok Hur, Jeong Oh Kim, Hyeon A Kim, Jae Kyeong Jeong
This paper reports the fabrication of indium gallium tin oxide (IGTO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) with ultraviolet (UV)-treated PVP-co-PMMA-based hybrid gate insulators at an extremely low temperature (≤150 °C). Synergetic hafnia loading and UV treatment were used to tailor the mechanical softness and hydroxyl fraction in the polymer dielectric film. The UV-treated hybrid dielectric film had a low hydroxyl concentration, a smoother surface, and a denser packing nature, which can be explained by the high ionicity of hafnium oxide and photon-assisted improvement in the cohesion between organic and inorganic materials. Suitability of the UV-treated hybrid dielectric film as a gate insulator was evaluated by fabricating bottom gate TFTs with sputtered IGTO films as a channel layer, which showed high carrier mobility at a low temperature. The resulting IGTO TFTs with a UV-treated hybrid gate insulator exhibited a remarkable high field-effect mobility of 25.9 cm2/(V s), a threshold voltage of −0.2 V, a subthreshold gate swing of 0.4 V/decade, and an ION/OFF ratio of >107 even at a low annealing temperature of 150 °C. The fabricated IGTO TFTs with the UV-treated hybrid dielectric film on the plastic substrate were shown to withstand the 100 times mechanical bending stress even under an extremely small curvature radius of 1 mm due to the intrinsic stretchability of the hybrid dielectric film.