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Stimulated X‑ray Raman Imaging of Conical Intersections

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posted on 2019-12-12, 21:30 authored by Daeheum Cho, Shaul Mukamel
The conical intersection dynamics of thiophenol is studied theoretically using the stimulated X-ray Raman imaging (SXRI) technique. SXRI employs a hard X-ray narrowband/broadband hybrid probe field and provides a real-time and real-space image of the passage through conical intersections. The signal, calculated using the minimal-coupling radiation/matter Hamiltonian, carries the phase information, and the real-space image of the transition charge density can be reconstructed by its Fourier transform. The two conical intersections (S2/S1 (11ππ*/1πσ*) and S1/S0 (1πσ*/S0)) can be distinguished and identified by the diffraction patterns in the level crossing regimes.