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Stibasilene SbSi and Its Lighter Homologues: A Comparative Study

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journal contribution
posted on 30.04.2014, 00:00 by Vladimir Ya. Lee, Shinji Aoki, Manami Kawai, Takahiko Meguro, Akira Sekiguchi
The multiply bonded derivatives of the heavier main group elements are among the most challenging targets for synthetic pursuits. Those of them featuring a double bond between the silicon and group 15 element are represented mostly by the silaimines NSi< and phosphasilenes PSi< with a very few examples of arsasilenes AsSi<. In this contribution, we report on the synthesis and structural elucidation of the first stable stibasilene and novel phosphasilene and arsasilene derivatives, featuring an identical substitution pattern. A systematic comparison within the series phosphasilene–arsasilene–stibasilene is made on the basis of their experimental and computational studies.