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Stereochemically Stable Double-Helicate Dinuclear Complexes of Bis(dipyrromethene)s:  A Chiroptical Study

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posted on 27.04.2005, 00:00 by Tabitha E. Wood, Nathan D. Dalgleish, Erin D. Power, Alison Thompson, Xiaoming Chen, Yoshio Okamoto
Helical zinc(II) complexes of bis(dipyrromethene)s bearing homochiral amide substituents were synthesized. Analysis of the products by chiral HPLC showed two diastereomeric major products and showed that dipyrromethene double-nuclear helicates are stereochemically stable and do not interconvert. Circular dichroism (CD) studies showed that the complexation reactions had proceeded with modest diastereomeric excesses. Analysis of an analogous symmetric zinc(II) bis(dipyrromethene) lacking homochiral substituents that could act as chromophores discounted induced CD by the chiral auxiliaries.