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Stepwise Assembly of Pd6(RuL3)8 Nanoscale Rhombododecahedral Metal–Organic Cages via Metalloligand Strategy for Guest Trapping and Protection

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posted on 26.03.2014, 00:00 by Kang Li, Lu-Yin Zhang, Cheng Yan, Shi-Chao Wei, Mei Pan, Li Zhang, Cheng-Yong Su
Stepwise synthesis of nanosized Pd−Ru hetero­nuclear metal–organic cages from predesigned redox- and photo-active Ru­(II)-metallo­ligand and naked Pd­(II) ion is described. The resulting cage shows rhombododecahedral shape and contains a 5350 Å3 cavity and 12 open windows, facilitating effective trapping of both polar and nonpolar guest molecules. Protection of photosensitive guests against UV radiation is studied.