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Stearyl MethoxyPEGglycol SuccinateA Designer Micellar Medium for Diverse Aniline Derivatives Synthesis

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posted on 2017-05-24, 00:00 authored by Jagatheeswaran Kothandapani, Sengan Megarajan, Khan Behlol Ayaz Ahmed, Marimuthu Priyanka, Veerappan Anbazhagan, Subramaniapillai Selva Ganesan
Stearyl MethoxyPEGglycol Succinate (SMPS), a designer micellar medium, was reported for organic transformations in an environmentally benign water medium. Phytotoxicity, bacteria toxicity, and aquatic toxicity assays revealed that SMPS was nontoxic. Excellence in organic transformation was reported through the reduction of lipophilic nitroarenes and through the syntheses of aniline tethered indole derivatives with good to excellent yields.