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Staudinger-Phosphonite Reactions for the Chemoselective Transformation of Azido-Containing Peptides and Proteins

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posted on 21.10.2011, 00:00 by M. Robert J. Vallée, Paul Majkut, Ina Wilkening, Christoph Weise, Gregor Müller, Christian P. R. Hackenberger
Site-specific functionalization of proteins by bioorthogonal modification offers a convenient pathway to create, modify, and study biologically active biopolymers. In this paper the Staudinger reaction of aryl-phosphonites for the chemoselective functionalization of azido-peptides and proteins was probed. Different water-soluble phosphonites with oligoethylene substituents were synthesized and reacted with unprotected azido-containing peptides in aqueous systems at room temperature in high conversions. Finally, the Staudinger-phosphonite reaction was successfully applied to the site-specific modification of the protein calmodulin.