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Statically Charged Electret Polymers as Solid, Nonvolatile Gates Encapsulating and Tuning Polymer Thermoelectric Parameters

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posted on 23.08.2016, 00:00 by R. M. Ireland, T. Jones, H. Li, H. Jang, J. E. West, H. E. Katz
We report the first example of a free-standing charged electret gate associated with a thermoelectric material. Hydrophilic polymers, the commercially available fluorocarbon polymer Novec and a cross-linked polystyrene, were charged before and after deposition of the prototypical thiophene semiconducting polymer poly­(bisdodecyl­quater­thiophene) (PQT12), respectively. Conductivity and Seebeck coefficient were measured. The charging modulated both parameters with the expected inverse dependences on charging-induced static voltage. A tetra­fluoro­tetra­cyano­quinodimethane (F4TCNQ)-doped sample and the polystyrene sample displayed Seebeck coefficients close to predictions of a general model recently proposed for polymer thermoelectrics. The freestanding gate is a possible approach to modulating polymer thermoelectrics without disrupting intermolecular packing or applying gate voltages during operation.