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Static and Dynamic Piezopotential Modulation in Piezo-Electret Gated MoS2 Field-Effect Transistor

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posted on 18.12.2018, 00:00 by Jing Zhao, Zheng Wei, Qian Zhang, Hua Yu, Shuopei Wang, Xixi Yang, Guoyun Gao, Shanshan Qin, Guangyu Zhang, Qijun Sun, Zhong Lin Wang
The piezotronic effect links the mechanical stimuli with various semiconductor devices, promising for low-power-consuming electronic devices, sensitive sensors, and interactive control systems. The persistent requirement for external strains in piezotronic modulation may hinder its application in some circumstances (such as devices on rigid substrate or complicated synergistic piezoelectric modulation on multidevice). Here, we propose an efficient method to realize piezoelectric modulation of optical and electrical properties of MoS2 FET in both static and dynamic manner, expanding the application of piezotronics. Through capacitive coupling between piezo-electret and MoS2 FET, the remanent piezo-potential can efficiently tune the Fermi level of MoS2, programming the initial electrical property for subsequent fabrication of sophisticated devices. The external strain can induce enhanced piezo-potentials to further affect the energy band bending of MoS2 channel, giving rise to high-performance strain sensors (large gauge factor ∼4800, fast response time ∼0.15 s, and good durability >1000 s). The proposed static and dynamic piezopotential tuned MoS2 FET is easy to extend to devices based on other materials, which is highly desired in tunable sensory systems, active flexible electronics, and human–machine interface.