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State-Space-Based Framework for Predicting Microbial Interaction Variability in Wastewater Treatment Plants

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posted on 2022-08-09, 16:20 authored by Zhong Yu, Yue Huang, Zhihao Gan, Yabing Meng, Fangang Meng
Substantial attempts have been made to control microbial communities for environmental integrity, biosystem performance, and human health. However, it is difficult to manipulate microbial communities in practice due to the varying and nonlinear nature of interspecific interaction networks. Here, we develop a manifold-based framework to investigate the patterns of microbial interaction variability in wastewater treatment plants using manifold geometric properties and design a simple control strategy to manipulate the microbes in nonlinear communities. We validate our framework using the readily available and nonsequential microbiome profiles of wastewater treatment plants. Our results show that some microbes in the activated sludge and anammox communities display deterministic rival or cooperative relationships and constitute a stable subnetwork within the whole nonlinear community network. We further use a simulation to demonstrate that these microbes can be used to drive a microbe in a target direction regardless of the community dynamics. Overall, our framework can provide a time-efficient solution to select effective control inputs for reliable manipulation in varying microbial networks, opening up new possibilities across a range of biological fields, including wastewater treatment plants.