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Stable Supersupertetrahedron with Infinite Order via the Assembly of Supertetrahedral T4 Zinc–Indium Sulfide Clusters

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posted on 17.08.2018, 19:48 by Li Zhang, Chaozhuang Xue, Wei Wang, Dandan Hu, Jing Lv, Dongsheng Li, Tao Wu
A new family member of Tp,q-based hierarchical chalcogenide architecture was created by assembling regular T4-ZnInS clusters into a periodically “hollowed-out” cubic ZnS-type structure framework (T4,∞) via the cross-linker of the tetracoordinated corner μ4-S2–. Ion-exchange and CO2 adsorption experiments suggest that such a structure with a corner μ4-S2– linker has structural stability superior to those of previously reported chalcogenide open frameworks composed of the same T4-ZnInS clusters with a bicoordinated (μ2-S2–) or a tricoordinated (μ3-S2–) cross-linker. Importantly, this case further demonstrates the feasibility of systematically engineering stable porous crystalline chalcogenide frameworks by a “hollow-out” strategy.