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Spongian Diterpenoids from the Sponge Spongia (Heterofibria) sp.

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posted on 2020-04-03, 13:30 authored by Ludmila P. Ponomarenko, Anatoly I. Kalinovsky, Shamil Sh. Afiyatullov, Michail A. Pushilin, Andrey V. Gerasimenko, Vladimir B. Krasokhin, Valentin A. Stonik
Five new (1, 2, 46) and one known (3) diterpenoid were isolated from the keratose sponge Spongia (Heterofibria) sp. Structures of these compounds and their absolute configurations were proposed on the basis of X-ray analysis of 1, its CD spectrum, and NMR and MS spectroscopic studies of 16. One of the new diterpenoids was shown to be 2(R),3(S),4(S)-3,18-methylene-2-acetoxyspongia-13(16),14-diene (6), possessing a novel carbon skeleton system.