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Spin-Electric Coupling with Anisotropy-Induced Vanishment and Enhancement in Molecular Ferroelectrics

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posted on 2022-05-05, 21:13 authored by Yu-Hui Fang, Zheng Liu, Shen Zhou, Peng-Xiang Fu, Ye-Xin Wang, Zi-Yu Wang, Zhe-Ming Wang, Song Gao, Shang-Da Jiang
Manipulating quantum properties by electric fields using spin-electric coupling (SEC) effects promises spatial addressability. While several studies about inorganic materials showing the SEC functionality have been reported, the vastly tunable crystal structures of molecular ferroelectrics provide a range of rationally designable materials yet to be exploited. In this work, Mn2+-doped molecular ferroelectrics are chosen to experimentally demonstrate the feasibility of achieving the quantum coherent SEC effect in molecular ferroelectrics for the first time. The electric field pulse applied between Hahn-echo pulses in electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) experiments causes controllable phase shifts via manipulating of the zero-field splitting (ZFS) of the Mn­(II) ions. Detailed investigations of the aMn crystal showed unexpected SEC vanishment and enhancement at different crystal orientations, which were elucidated by studying the spin Hamiltonian and magnetic anisotropy. With the enhanced SEC efficiency being achieved (0.68 Hz m/V), this work discovers an emerging material library of molecular ferroelectrics to implement coherent quantum control with selective and tunable SEC effects toward highly scalable quantum gates.