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Spatial Mapping of Efficiency of GaN/InGaN Nanowire Array Solar Cells Using Scanning Photocurrent Microscopy

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posted on 13.11.2013, 00:00 by Sarah L. Howell, Sonal Padalkar, KunHo Yoon, Qiming Li, Daniel D. Koleske, Jonathan J. Wierer, George T. Wang, Lincoln J. Lauhon
GaN–InGaN core–shell nanowire array devices are characterized by spectrally resolved scanning photocurrent microscopy (SPCM). The spatially resolved external quantum efficiency is correlated with structure and composition inferred from atomic force microscope (AFM) topography, scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) imaging, Raman microspectroscopy, and scanning photocurrent microscopy (SPCM) maps of the effective absorption edge. The experimental analyses are coupled with finite difference time domain simulations to provide mechanistic understanding of spatial variations in carrier generation and collection, which is essential to the development of heterogeneous novel architecture solar cell devices.