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Sorption Isotherms of Ternary Eluents in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography

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posted on 2009-02-01, 00:00 authored by Mei Wang, Jennifer Mallette, Jon F. Parcher
The experimental technique of mass spectrometric tracer pulse chromatography was used to measure the excess volume of each eluent component for binary and ternary mixtures of water, acetonitrile, and methanol on a C18-bonded silica RPLC packing over the full composition range. The tracer pulse method allowed the direct measurement of excess volumes of each eluent component without numerical integration, assumed isotherm equation, detector calibration, or off-line analysis of the eluent composition. Absolute isotherms were estimated from the experimental data for excess volumes by use of various strategies for the estimation of the volumes of the stationary and mobile phases in dynamic equilibrium with eluents of varying composition. The results indicate that all three eluent components interacted with the alkane bonded phase. Some components were selectively taken up as part of the stationary phase while other components were selectively excluded so the composition of eluent in or on the stationary phase often significantly differed from the composition of the bulk eluent. The exact composition of the stationary phase (bonded phase plus immobilized eluent) was dependent upon the type and composition of the bulk eluent.