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Sonochemical Preparation of Functionalized Graphenes

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posted on 2011-06-22, 00:00 authored by Hangxun Xu, Kenneth S. Suslick
A convenient sonochemical method is described for the preparation of polystyrene functionalized graphenes starting from graphite flakes and a reactive monomer, styrene. Ultrasonic irradiation of graphite in styrene results in the mechanochemical exfoliation of graphite flakes to single-layer and few-layer graphene sheets combined with functionalization of the graphene with polystyrene chains. The polystyrene chains are formed from sonochemically initiated radical polymerization of styrene and can make up to ∼18 wt % of the functionalized graphene, as determined by thermal gravimetric analysis. This one-step protocol can be generally applied to the functionalization of graphenes with other vinyl monomers for graphene-based composite materials.