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Solution−Liquid−Solid (SLS) Growth of ZnSe−ZnTe Quantum Wires having Axial Heterojunctions

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posted on 2020-04-02, 15:40 authored by Angang Dong, Fudong Wang, Tyrone L. Daulton, William E. Buhro
Heterostructured ZnSe−ZnTe quantum wires are grown by the solution−liquid−solid (SLS) mechanism. The nature of the axial or radial heterostructure obtained is strongly influenced by the growth sequence and related synthetic conditions. Compositionally graded ZnSexTe1-x wires, ZnSe−ZnTe axial heterostructures containing a ZnSexTe1-x transitional segment, ZnSe−ZnTe wires with sharp axial heterojunctions, and radial core−shell ZnSe−ZnTe quantum wires have been selectively prepared. The axial and radial quantum-wire heterostructures are characterized microscopically and spectroscopically.