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Solid–Liquid Conversion and Carbon Dioxide Storage in a Calcium-Based Metal–Organic Framework with Micro- and Nanoporous Channels

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posted on 10.11.2019, 19:13 by Roya Karimi Alavijeh, Kamran Akhbari, Jonathan White
A new Ca-MOF with the chemical formula of [Ca­(NO2-BDC)·DMF]n (MUT-1; NO2-BDC2– = 2-nitroterephthalate) with 5,5T4 topology and the Schäfli symbol of (48.62)­(45.65) was synthesized and structurally characterized with FT-IR, PXRD, BET, TG-DTA, and single-crystal X-ray techniques. MUT-1 has 1D channels along the crystallographic c axis. Its 1D channels have microporosity before the activation process, and its nanoporous structure can be achieved with the activation process. 1D channels of MUT-1 are surrounded by −NO2 groups, which indicate that this MOF could be a good candidate for CO2 storage. It shows 0.97 mmol g–1 of CO2 adsorption at 298 K up to 1 bar pressure. The structural stability of MUT-1 in various solvents was investigated, and a new phase after subsequent exposure to water and DMF was characterized.