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Snapshots of Early-Stage Quantitative N2 Electrophilic Functionalization

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posted on 2023-04-17, 15:05 authored by Gao-Xiang Wang, Xueli Wang, Yang Jiang, Wang Chen, Chunxiao Shan, Peng Zhang, Junnian Wei, Shengfa Ye, Zhenfeng Xi
Electrophilic functionalization of N2 moieties in metal dinitrogen complexes typically initiates the catalytic synthesis of N-containing molecules directly from N2. Despite intensive research in the last six decades, how to efficiently and even quantitatively convert N2 into diazenido and hydrazido species still poses a great challenge. In this regard, systematic and comprehensive investigations to elucidate the reaction intricacies are of profound significance. Herein, we report a kinetic dissection on the first and second electrophilic functionalization steps of a new Cr0–N2 system with HOTf, MeOTf, and Me3SiOTf. All reactions pass through fleeting diazenido intermediates and furnish long-lived final hydrazido products, and both steps are quantitative conversions at low temperatures. All of the second-order reaction rates of the first and second transformations were determined as well as the lifetimes of the intervening diazenido species. Based on these findings, we succeeded in large-scale and near-quantitative preparation of all hydrazido species.