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Sn Wears Super Skin: A New Design for Long Cycling Batteries

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posted on 2017-12-13, 00:00 authored by Shuai Kang, Xi Chen, Junjie Niu
Searching for new anode alternatives in lieu of graphite for lithium-ion batteries that can deliver better electrochemical performance to meet the emerging energy/power demands in electric vehicles becomes particularly challenging. We report a rationally designed hybrid composite as anode in LIB that exhibits a greatly improved gravimetric capacity of 727 mAh/g with a Coulombic efficiency of >99.8% after 3000 cycles at 1.0 C. A capacity of 662 mAh/g at a high rate of 5.0 C was obtained after impressively long 10 000 cycles. From the 50th to 10 000th cycle under 5.0 C, the capacity retention is >97% with a negligible decay of <0.00026% per cycle. The excellence in electrochemistry is attributed to the efficient stress relax, accommodable space, lack of agglomeration, and solid–electrolyte interphase consuming Li+ of a delicate composite configuration that is composed of a Sn kernel wearing adjustable TiO2 “skin”.