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Smart Enrichment and Facile Separation of Oil from Emulsions and Mixtures by Superhydrophobic/Superoleophilic Particles

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posted on 20.05.2015, 00:00 by Chunting Duan, Tang Zhu, Jing Guo, Zhen Wang, Xiaofang Liu, Hao Wang, Xun Xu, Yan Jin, Ning Zhao, Jian Xu
The separation and removal of oil or organic pollutants from water is highly imperative. The oil phases in surfactant-free oil-in-water emulsions or in free oil/water mixtures can be smartly enriched and transported by using superhydrophobic/superoleophilic iron particles (SHIPs) under a magnetic field. For water-in-oil emulsion, SHIPs-based composite membranes selectively allow the oil to pass through. Their convenient and scalable preparation, excellent separation performance, and good reusability are of great advantages for practical applications in wastewater treatment, the cleanup of oil spills, emulsion concentration, and fuel purification.