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Small Molecule Directed Aggregation of a Heme Peptide on Gold:  An STM Study

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posted on 23.11.2006, 00:00 by James D. Satterlee, Ursula Mazur
Microperoxidase 11 was adsorbed on Au(111) from basic aqueous solutions containing pure heme peptide and co-added stoichiometric amounts of exogenous neutral and ionic ligands. The addition of small molecules to MP11 produced different aggregate structures that were easily differentiated by STM. In the absence of a complexing agent, the MP-11 formed large clusters of metallopeptide molecules on the gold surface. With neutral imidazole in solution the MP11 aggregated into regular elongated structures (nano-épis) on the substrate. When S2- is used as coupling agent, single heme peptide molecules are isolated with identifiable porphyrin ring and substructure in the peptide chain.