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Skin-Attachable and Stretchable Patch Antenna with Fractal Design for Remote On-Body Motion Sensing

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posted on 2023-06-02, 08:03 authored by Taisong Pan, Chunhong Zhang, Senhao Zhang, Dengji Guo, Maowen Xie, Min Gao, Zhenlong Huang, Jia Zhu, Yuan Lin
This article describes the implementation of a wireless human motion detection with interference resistance to untargeted deformations based on a stretchable patch antenna with fractal design. By rationally incorporating the Hilbert fractal pattern in the conductive patch and ground plane, the patch antenna shows a mechanical stretchability of ∼40% and a maximum gain of 2.95 dB at 2.5 GHz. Furthermore, the influence of the fractal order on the mechanical stretchability and radiation properties of the stretchable patch antenna is discussed. The resonant frequency of the stretchable fractal antenna demonstrates highly selective sensitivity to different deformations; i.e., it remains almost unchanged with bending deformations and is linearly dependent on the tensile strain. Remote detection of joint motions is experimentally verified by a wireless on-body strain sensor based on the fractal design-based stretchable microstrip antenna.