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Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yields in Environmental Waters

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posted on 2021-03-08, 19:05 authored by Rachele Ossola, Oskar Martin Jönsson, Kyle Moor, Kristopher McNeill
Singlet oxygen (1O2) is a reactive oxygen species produced in sunlit waters via energy transfer from the triplet states of natural sensitizers. There has been an increasing interest in measuring apparent 1O2 quantum yields (ΦΔ) of aquatic and atmospheric organic matter samples, driven in part by the fact that this parameter can be used for environmental fate modeling of organic contaminants and to advance our understanding of dissolved organic matter photophysics. However, the lack of reproducibility across research groups and publications remains a challenge that significantly limits the usability of literature data. In the first part of this review, we critically evaluate the experimental techniques that have been used to determine ΦΔ values of natural organic matter, we identify and quantify sources of errors that potentially explain the large variability in the literature, and we provide general experimental recommendations for future studies. In the second part, we provide a qualitative overview of known ΦΔ trends as a function of organic matter type, isolation and extraction procedures, bulk water chemistry parameters, molecular and spectroscopic organic matter features, chemical treatments, wavelength, season, and location. This review is supplemented with a comprehensive database of ΦΔ values of environmental samples.